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Fully FunKtional's tropical travels!

While some of our gang were tucking into spring rolls and Pho Bo in Hanoi, the other crew were dipping their toes into the Indian Ocean and making tropical music in the #Maldives. Jealous? You should be! The One & Only Reethi Rah held two prestigious parties and our 5-piece flew over to

There are worse places to make music!

rock the beautiful #island. Definitely a case of #dreamjob!

Our #acoustic trio kicked off the cocktail session with some funky chill-out overlooking the ocean while guests guzzled gorgeous elixirs. And later on the party band kicked up the sand with a full-on #beach party. There's nothing like playing live music with sand between your toes & getting a darn good foot exfoliation!

The poor souls then had to endure a few days off, before they jumped back behind their instruments for a second party at the stunning Rah Bar. It was indeed tough times swimming with sharks, enjoying incredible 5* food and perfecting those water aerobic sessions. And Gloria even had time for a mini photo shoot - doing her best swimwear #model impression! Then, bags packed, back on the speedboat for the #JamesBond style zip back to #Male and flight back to the UK and straight to a gorgeous wedding gig. Nothing better to beat the #jetlag!

Here they are slaving over a hot Indian Ocean and sun lounger!

Meanwhile back in #Vietnam, the rest of the gang were busy scooting around Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, #Halong Bay and #Hanoi. And even got their guide in on the act! Yes it's been a great #spring so far! Email us if you want to know more about our frolics, sorry, 'work' & how we can add some sunshine to whatever you're planning (we even have the Hawaiian shirts and leis!)

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