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Fully FunKtional are widely regarded as the best party band in the UK!

We have worked our way up to becoming one of the most 'go to' bands in the UK, with an industry-wide reputation for ensuring high-energy, funky and fun performances with good humour and good looks! From corporate events and product launches, big sporting events, trips internationally and weddings to dance your tiara off to. We can offer a self-contained package for more intimate venues, or for larger events we can bring in our own production team or work with your own professionals to deliver exactly the entertainment with wow factor that you need. We are easy to get along with (not a diva in sight!), and will always work with your ideas and themes while delivering the best we have to give!

* ​A bunch of musicians who stand & politely go through the motions - ​we are definitely not!​

* Time & again our clients tell us how our obvious enjoyment, boundless energy & enthusiasm have been the most infectious thing since measles.​

* If you want to see horn players starting a conga-line, our guitarist soloing from a tabletop, our singers serenading people even outside the room then this is the band you need to book.​

* We'll wow you musically & exhaust you visually! We've done our research on the live music circuit & we're pleased to say no one even comes close!

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